Artist The Dresden Dolls
Song Backstabber
Released 2006
Director Michael Pope
Star(s) Amanda Palmer
Brian Viglione
Brendon Urie
Ryan Ross
Spencer Smith
Jon Walker

In the summer of 2006, The Dresden Dolls toured with 'Panic! at the Disco', during this time, Amanda Palmer and Michael Pope concived the idea of a video featuring both bands. It is set to the Dresden Dolls song, Backstabber and also features the 'Panic! at the Disco' song, 'Build God, Then We'll Talk'.


  • Amanda Palmer as Herself
  • Brian Viglione as Himself
  • Brendon Urie as Himself
  • Ryan Ross as Himself
  • Spencer Smith as Himself
  • Jon Walker as Himself
  • Roger the Ringmaster as "Roger - the pimpin' - Ringmaster"
  • Katy Kay & Dusty as "D'Grrls"
  • The Hust Sound as "Panic! fans" & "The Gamblers"
  • Zack as "The Mighty Zack"
  • Julian Christopher as "The Fisherman"

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